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  1. 10 Healthy Habits of Healthy People!
    20 Jul, 2016
    10 Healthy Habits of Healthy People!
    If I told you that if you incorporate 10 Habits into your life, that your life would be healthier, you would probably live longer, and that you'd have more life in your years, would you listen? Would you incorporate them? They aren't that hard to do. Here are the 10 Healthy Habits: EXERCISE!!! You must exercise 4-6 days/week. I believe you should get in 10,000 step every day, and add weight training in at least 3 of those days, and make sure at least 2 days you're pushing your heart rate
  2. Tips to succeeding with food
    15 Jul, 2016
    Tips to succeeding with food
    Diets don't work, good habits do!!   1.  Know how many calories you should be eating!!  NEVER eat below your BMR.  Google BMR calculator to figure out what your BMR is, and then never eat below that number.  In fact, to find out how many calories you are currently eating to maintain your current weight, use the following formulas: If you're sedentary (little to no exercise):  BMR X 1.2 = If you're lightly active (light exercise 1-3 x/week):  BMR X 1.375 = If you're moderately active (3-5
  3. How to lose the muffin top
    15 Jun, 2016
    How to lose the muffin top
    Sorry to break it to ya, but you can't crunch or even plank your way to a six-pac!!  No, you have to eat super, super clean to get there!!  Guess what?  We all have abs under "there", we just have to get rid of the "there" to see them.  Haha! Now, cardio will help burn fat, yes!  But considering what stores fat may be the best approach to getting rid of it!   So how do we store fat? We store fat best when we increase our insulin levels.  Insulin pushes fat into storage mode fast to balance
  4. Getting On A Soap Box
    15 May, 2016
    Getting On A Soap Box
    Today I want to talk about what our ultimate goals are.  This email may be for those of you who are within 5-10 pounds of your goal weight, but I'd like everyone to read the email all the way through and I'd also love your feedback!!    Please choose from the following what goal you are striving to achieve the most: To be at a healthy weight I can maintain with exercising 4-6 days/week and eating clean the majority of the time.  To be happy with what body that brings to me. To be skinny at the
  5. Want results ASAP?
    15 Feb, 2016
    Want results ASAP?
    I was reading a devotional this weekend about prayer.  It was saying how when we pray we want an answer ASAP, right?  Well, the point of this devotional was to communicate that prayer needs to switch from an ASAP mentality to an ALAT mentality:  As Long As it Takes!  Pray without quitting, in other words.  His timing is always best, but we need to keep praying! I like that. And I believe it applies to health & fitness as well. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We need to stop
  6. How to lose 1 pound this weeek!
    15 Jan, 2016
    How to lose 1 pound this weeek!
    How to lose 1 pound this week:      1 pound = 3500 calories.  You need to burn 500 calories/day for 5 days.  That will equal 2500 calories. Make it to boot camp all 5 days and that's easily DONE!   Then you need to cut back from your average food consumption by 200 calories/day.  That will make up the other 1000 calories.   Some places you could cut 200 calories/day: So that's just cutting out the extra portion you may be eating a dinner Make healthier lunch and dinner choices.  If you're



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