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  1. Do you plan your food each week?
    12 Jul, 2016
    Do you plan your food each week?
    How do you plan your food each week? You gotta have a plan. Dinner doesn't have to be hard. You just need a plan! What I do every week, and what I'd encourage you to do is: Sit down and write out the next 7 days and what we are going to eat for dinners. Look up (EASY) recipes, write the name down, what cook book it came from, and what page number it's on!  Put this list on your refrigerator so you can look at it during the week because you're gonna forget what you planned! Then, write out
  2. My next 7 day eating plan
    15 Apr, 2016
    My next 7 day eating plan
    Turn "I WISH" into "I WILL"   Are you thinking, "Easier said than done..."?   Well, I say, "Not really!"   Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut of bad habits.  Poor eating habits can keep us from reaching our goals.  And poor eating habits are sometimes hard to turn around because we don't feel good (from eating poorly), so thinking clearly to make a turnaround is hard.   So take ACTION!   Get a piece of paper and and write out how you know you should eat for the next 7 days.  Now make a



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