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  1. You're The Pilot!
    06 Jul, 2016
    You're The Pilot!
    Bad news is time flies. Good news is you're the Pilot! Love that, don't you? I've always gotten through tough times by just telling myself, "You know what? 2 years (fill in #) is gonna come and go no matter what I do, so I'm gonna choose to do the hard thing now and make myself better!" In fact, one of my passwords (shhh) is "Do Hard Things" so I can remind myself often that it's always the better way!   This is true with your health & fitness. Do you want to sit around, skip your workout,
  2. The Transformative Power of A Single Good Choice
    01 Jun, 2016
    The Transformative Power of A Single Good Choice
    We live in bodies we get from repeating consistent behaviors! Choices: Skipping workouts and consuming poor food are choices that speed up the aging process. Fitness isn't about whipping yourself into shape; it's about having joy, happiness and curiosity about life. Movement is freedom, and freedom brings enjoyment to life. Focus on the transformative power of a single good choice.   Have you ever felt bad after a workout or even just going for a walk?  NO I want you to start becoming aware
  3. Are you tearing or building your house?
    01 Jan, 2016
    Are you tearing or building your house?
    Proverbs 14:1 "Every wise woman builds her house, a foolish ones tears it down with her own hands" I've always thought this meant our home, family, relationships...but it could also mean our body. Our body is where we live. Our house. We have to build our own house, our health, physically and spiritually, before we can bless others. Love that. You know it's kind of like when you're on an airplane and they tell you that if case of an emergency, please put the breathing mask on yourself first,



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