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  1. Let me introduce you to someone...
    28 Jul, 2016
    Let me introduce you to someone...
    YOU! Imagine yourself 20 years from now. Go ahead-close your eyes and see who you've become. What do you look like? What clothes are you wearing? What are your priorities? What do you like to do in your free time? Who are you with? What do you do for a living?  Now, let that future self mentor you today.  What would she tell you to do today? What would your future self tell you to eat TODAY? Would she recommend you go for a walk? Exercise? Go to bed earlier? Eat healthier? Go after your dream
  2. You will or you won't
    26 Jul, 2016
    You will or you won't
    There's just a big difference between the words: "I will" and "I won't" So which is it for you when it comes to making your fitness, health & nutrition a priority in your life? It's one or the other! It's either "I won't make it a priority!" (not, "I'll start tomorrow", or, "I know I should but it's so hard"....whaaaaa!!) Nope, if you have that mind set then you are saying "I won't today!" I won't eat healthy. I won't workout. I won't sleep at least 7 hours. I won't take my vitamins. I won't
  3. What to Focus on
    22 Jul, 2016
    What to Focus on
    Focus on the PROCESS not the end result or goal. Figuring out what you want, what goal you want to achieve, is the first step. But once you've decided, now you have to focus on the process to get you there. You want to lose 50 pounds? You can't get down and negative thinking, "This will take a whole year! I'll never make it!"  NO! You gotta put those thoughts out of your head! You have to break down into baby steps the ACTION steps you need and must take DAILY to reach your goal! Here the
  4. Your Routine vs Your Schedule
    21 Jul, 2016
    Your Routine vs Your Schedule
    A schedule is a time-table that we have to abide to everyday to go to work or school, pay the bills monthly, etc. So a schedule is just the activities you HAVE TO get done everyday. A routine is what YOU DECIDE you want to accomplish everyday, and you make sure happen NO MATTER WHAT your schedule is.  Another way to see your routine is: What are the non-negotiables in your life? What are the necessary things you make happen every day to help you reach what you want out of life? No one makes
  5. 10 Healthy Habits of Healthy People!
    20 Jul, 2016
    10 Healthy Habits of Healthy People!
    If I told you that if you incorporate 10 Habits into your life, that your life would be healthier, you would probably live longer, and that you'd have more life in your years, would you listen? Would you incorporate them? They aren't that hard to do. Here are the 10 Healthy Habits: EXERCISE!!! You must exercise 4-6 days/week. I believe you should get in 10,000 step every day, and add weight training in at least 3 of those days, and make sure at least 2 days you're pushing your heart rate
  6. Tips to succeeding with food
    15 Jul, 2016
    Tips to succeeding with food
    Diets don't work, good habits do!!   1.  Know how many calories you should be eating!!  NEVER eat below your BMR.  Google BMR calculator to figure out what your BMR is, and then never eat below that number.  In fact, to find out how many calories you are currently eating to maintain your current weight, use the following formulas: If you're sedentary (little to no exercise):  BMR X 1.2 = If you're lightly active (light exercise 1-3 x/week):  BMR X 1.375 = If you're moderately active (3-5
  7. Do you plan your food each week?
    12 Jul, 2016
    Do you plan your food each week?
    How do you plan your food each week? You gotta have a plan. Dinner doesn't have to be hard. You just need a plan! What I do every week, and what I'd encourage you to do is: Sit down and write out the next 7 days and what we are going to eat for dinners. Look up (EASY) recipes, write the name down, what cook book it came from, and what page number it's on!  Put this list on your refrigerator so you can look at it during the week because you're gonna forget what you planned! Then, write out
  8. You're The Pilot!
    06 Jul, 2016
    You're The Pilot!
    Bad news is time flies. Good news is you're the Pilot! Love that, don't you? I've always gotten through tough times by just telling myself, "You know what? 2 years (fill in #) is gonna come and go no matter what I do, so I'm gonna choose to do the hard thing now and make myself better!" In fact, one of my passwords (shhh) is "Do Hard Things" so I can remind myself often that it's always the better way!   This is true with your health & fitness. Do you want to sit around, skip your workout,
  9. Motivation vs Inspiration
    01 Jul, 2016
    Motivation vs Inspiration
    Motivation-something that is outside of ourselves that we use to get us going.  Examples would be getting new running shoes, workout clothes, or signing up for another race to get us motivated to workout. Inspiration-comes from inside of us.  It's something we read or think about that gets us inspired to get up and move, make health a priority and stay the course. Both Motivation & Inspiration are important and have a place in our lifestyles of living healthy & fit forever!   So go buy you
  10. How to lose the muffin top
    15 Jun, 2016
    How to lose the muffin top
    Sorry to break it to ya, but you can't crunch or even plank your way to a six-pac!!  No, you have to eat super, super clean to get there!!  Guess what?  We all have abs under "there", we just have to get rid of the "there" to see them.  Haha! Now, cardio will help burn fat, yes!  But considering what stores fat may be the best approach to getting rid of it!   So how do we store fat? We store fat best when we increase our insulin levels.  Insulin pushes fat into storage mode fast to balance
  11. The Transformative Power of A Single Good Choice
    01 Jun, 2016
    The Transformative Power of A Single Good Choice
    We live in bodies we get from repeating consistent behaviors! Choices: Skipping workouts and consuming poor food are choices that speed up the aging process. Fitness isn't about whipping yourself into shape; it's about having joy, happiness and curiosity about life. Movement is freedom, and freedom brings enjoyment to life. Focus on the transformative power of a single good choice.   Have you ever felt bad after a workout or even just going for a walk?  NO I want you to start becoming aware
  12. Getting On A Soap Box
    15 May, 2016
    Getting On A Soap Box
    Today I want to talk about what our ultimate goals are.  This email may be for those of you who are within 5-10 pounds of your goal weight, but I'd like everyone to read the email all the way through and I'd also love your feedback!!    Please choose from the following what goal you are striving to achieve the most: To be at a healthy weight I can maintain with exercising 4-6 days/week and eating clean the majority of the time.  To be happy with what body that brings to me. To be skinny at the
  13. Plastic Lemons vs Real Lemons & Vitamins
    01 May, 2016
    Plastic Lemons vs Real Lemons & Vitamins
    The difference between the vitamins you can buy at Walmart vs Vitamin Shop vs Shaklee! Synthetic: Drug Store Variety (think: plastic, fake lemon) man-made no enzymes (necessary for life - like the life force in a seed, aids nutrient metabolism) inorganic substances, artificial colors, flavors, & sweeteners stimulant (short term) imbalanced side effects harsh binders & fillers many are coated with shellac which is nearly totally resistant to the penetration of stomach fluids (they will come out
  14. My next 7 day eating plan
    15 Apr, 2016
    My next 7 day eating plan
    Turn "I WISH" into "I WILL"   Are you thinking, "Easier said than done..."?   Well, I say, "Not really!"   Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut of bad habits.  Poor eating habits can keep us from reaching our goals.  And poor eating habits are sometimes hard to turn around because we don't feel good (from eating poorly), so thinking clearly to make a turnaround is hard.   So take ACTION!   Get a piece of paper and and write out how you know you should eat for the next 7 days.  Now make a
  15. Exercise Is A Privilege!
    01 Apr, 2016
    Exercise Is A Privilege!
    We often think of exercise as something that's not fun, hard, and a drudge. What if we changed our thinking and realized it's a privilege many unable bodies are denied, and focused too on all the reasons we love exercise!!  We feel better We never regret doing it We are stronger We have less pain We have more energy We have more happiness  We work out our frustrations We believe more in ourselves We begin the day feeling accomplished We age better We decrease our risk for disease We increase
  16. Is Your Home Helping You Lose Weight or Gain Weight?
    24 Mar, 2016
    Is Your Home Helping You Lose Weight or Gain Weight?
    If you want to make your kitchen slim by design, complete this starter scorecard and see whether your kitchen is helping you or hurting you. While there is 100-point version in his book, "Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life" (by Brian Wansink, PhD), this 10-point checklist will give you an initial peek at whether your home is helping you to gain weight or to lose it. Each check counts as 1 point. If you score more than 7, congratulations! If you get less than 7, try to
  17. What Would Batman Eat?
    22 Mar, 2016
    What Would Batman Eat?
    So here's a little trick to help you make healthier choices: Ask yourself, "What would Batman eat?" Sound crazy, right? But could you see how this may help a kid make a healthier choice? Instead of asking as kid what they want to eat, apples or french fries, ask them what they think Batman would eat.  Doing this for yourself will also help you make similar choices. Before choosing between the salad and the cheesy bacon fries, if you ask yourself something like, "What would my cool friend Amy
  18. Want results ASAP?
    15 Feb, 2016
    Want results ASAP?
    I was reading a devotional this weekend about prayer.  It was saying how when we pray we want an answer ASAP, right?  Well, the point of this devotional was to communicate that prayer needs to switch from an ASAP mentality to an ALAT mentality:  As Long As it Takes!  Pray without quitting, in other words.  His timing is always best, but we need to keep praying! I like that. And I believe it applies to health & fitness as well. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We need to stop
  19. Prevention: Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live!
    01 Feb, 2016
    Prevention: Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live!
    SHAKLEE SHAKLEE SHAKLEE!!   Dr Shaklee INVENTED the multi vitamin 100 years ago! How cool is that?! Shaklee has the highest level of integrity of product ingredients and production that I've seen in the industry! I've been taking Shaklee now for over 7 years and haven't been sick in 7 years, and love how I feel!!    Many of you are already Shaklee members and are ready to get back on a vitamin regimen. Let's get that set up today!   For existing members:  go to and log in with
  20. How to lose 1 pound this weeek!
    15 Jan, 2016
    How to lose 1 pound this weeek!
    How to lose 1 pound this week:      1 pound = 3500 calories.  You need to burn 500 calories/day for 5 days.  That will equal 2500 calories. Make it to boot camp all 5 days and that's easily DONE!   Then you need to cut back from your average food consumption by 200 calories/day.  That will make up the other 1000 calories.   Some places you could cut 200 calories/day: So that's just cutting out the extra portion you may be eating a dinner Make healthier lunch and dinner choices.  If you're



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