The Strong Woman

Encouraging Women in their pursuit to get STRONG spiritually & physically through fitness, nutrition & supplementation so we can impact our world and leave a legacy!
What is The Strong Woman?
Strong Women Lift Each Other Up!
I've made it my life's mission, passion and purpose to become a STRONG Woman and help others do the same.  I truly believe that we become STRONG by developing each aspect of our lives, not just our muscles. By knowing the Word of God, getting physically fit, nourishing our bodies with real food, taking the best supplements on the planet, and getting the sleep and rest our bodies need, we will become STRONG! But why? What's the purpose of these daily habits? It's so we are ready to fulfill our other life's work that God has entrusted us with: our families, our communities, our circle of influences are waiting on us to serve them. We can only do this when we are STRONG.
I start with women because women inspire the rest of the world.  We take care of our children and our husbands.  We are the ones making the choices of how we spend our first few hours of each day that set the tone for the home.  We also make the food choices that end up on our family's table.  The STRONG Woman can change the world!  Let's make ourselves STRONG! Join the community of women on my page striving to do just that. We will encourage each other along life's path, and lift each other up!
  1. Get in the Word
    The best way to get ready for everyday is to get in the Word of God! Time spent reading the Bible is always time well spent! Preparing your heart for each day will only help to set the tone of your home and help you love others well that day. This is what I call a non-negotiable. Not to say I don't have days I miss spending time with God, but my heart looks at this time as a non-negotiable. It's a must! And always enjoyable with a cup of coffee in hand!
  2. Don't Forget to Sweat!
    We need to be exercising our bodies 5-6 days a week. You need to carve out 30-60 minutes each day to move. Ideally we need to lift weights 2-4 days/week, and get our heart rates up most days. Find something you love. Find a community of people to exercise with as this creates accountability and more enjoyment. When you make fitness fun you are more likely to continue.
  3. Nourish Your Body
    Food should be an enjoyable part of your day. Nourish your body by choosing foods God made. The more real food you choose to eat the better you will feel. However, you will still need to take a multi-vitamin and some other essential supplements. I'll guide you to the best on the planet and we can design a program to fit your lifestyle and your budget. I'll teach you how to eat for health, which leads to also reaching your goals!
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Sara Oliver
Owner of The Strong Woman
I would have to say my passion is helping women discover their Inner Athlete. Yes, we all have her somewhere inside of us, and she loves to move and she does love to sweat! I've helped women discover a love for fitness that inspires them to get active in other areas of their lives. When you take the time to get STRONG, you inevitably get STRONG in other areas of your life! This is because you're not just a body, but a spirit, and you also have emotions.
May I make a suggestion?
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I want to help you get from where you are to where you want to be!
Wife, Mom, Trainer, & Christ Follower
Above all I want to build up my family and inspire them first to follow after God and love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. My kids inspire me every day whether it's on our homeschool days, or they are away at school, I do everything I do because I know they're watching me and will model, good or bad, the life I choose to live. I want to be worthy of being modeled. As Paul says in Philippians 3:10, my goal is to know Him.
1Timothy 4:7 Rather, train yourself in godliness, for the training of the body has a limited benefit, but godliness is beneficial in every way, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.
  1. Adventure Boot Camp
    Helping you get from where you are to where you want to be in your fitness. Join the community of women at Adventure Boot Camp in Deer Park that will encourage you and help hold you accountable to be at your workouts!
  2. Business
    Our team can help coach and lead you to reach the financial goals you've only dreamed about. Our team is encouraging and will help you each step of the way. We have members that live all over the US. With today's technology you can join our team from wherever you live!
  3. Blog
    Follow along as I continue to update my blog with inspiring things that I am learning along the journey of life. I'll write about workouts and what you need to do to reach your goals, healthy nutrition tips and recipes, things God's teaching me in His Word, my crazy part home school life we started last year (that we are loving), as well as how to keep a positive outlook along the way!
  4. Shaklee
    Whether you're looking to feel better, lose 1-2 inches from your waist, reach your goal weight, rid your home of toxic chemicals, or earn a career income that enables you to stay home, Shaklee has the answers!